Device Visibility, Network Access Control and Attack Response

Increased Vulnerability



Identifying what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise.  Control through the automated application of wired and wireless policy enforcement ensures that only authorized and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect to your network.  At the same time, real-time attack response and threat protection is required to secure and meet internal and external audit and compliance requirements.




Laptops, smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are pouring in the the workplace.  The average employee now utilizes an average of three devices.  The addition of IoT increases the vulnerabilities inside the business adding to the operational burden.


Wired and Wireless Devices



The use if IoT devices on wired and wireless networks is shifting IT’s focus.  Many organizations secure their wireless networks and devices. Some may have neglected the wired ports in conference rooms, behind IP phones and in printer areas.



Wired devices – like sensors, security cameras and medical devices force IT to think about securing the millions of wired ports that could be wide open to security threats.  Because these devices may lack security attributes and require access from external administrative resources, apps or service providers, wired access now poses new risks.



As IT valiantly fights the battle to maintain control, they need the right set of tools. Tools that can quickly program the underlying infrastructure and control network access for any IoT and mobile device – known and unknown.



Today’s network access security solutions must deliver profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, BYOD onboarding and more. They should offer IT-offload, enhanced threat protection and an improved user experience.



Mobility and IoT are Changing How We Think About Access Control



The boundaries of IT domains now extend beyond the four walls of business and the goal for organizations is to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity without sacrificing security.



How does IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience?  It starts with a 3-step plan.



  1. Identify – what devices are being used, how many, where they’re connecting from, and which operating systems are supported. This provides the foundation of visibility.  Continuous insight into the enterprise-wide device landscape and potential device security corruption.  Which elements come and go gives you the visibility required over time.
  2. Enforce – accurate policies that provide proper user device access, regardless of user, device type or location; this provides an expected user experience. Organizations must adapt to today’s evolving devices and their use, whether the device is a smartphone or surveillance camera.
  3. Protect – resources via dynamic policy controls and real-time threat remediation that extends to third-party systems. This is the last piece of the puzzle.  Being prepared for unusual network behavior at 3 AM requires a unified approach that can block traffic and change the status of a device’s connection.




Organizations must plan for existing and unforeseen challenges.  With their existing operational burden, it’s not realistic to rely on IT and help desk staff to manually intervene whenever a user decides to work remotely or buy a new smartphone.  Network access control is no longer just for performing assessments on known devices before access.




Aruba ClearPass



The stakes are high. It’s surprising that more companies have not embraced secure NAC to prevent malicious insiders from causing damage to the enterprise.  The uses cases are many-control devices connectivity, simplify BYOD, secure guest access leads to the same answer, Aruba ClearPass.






Over 7,000 customers in 100 countries have secured their network and their business with Aruba ClearPass.  They have achieved better visibility, control and response.  Shouldn’t you? Contact Zunesis to find out how you can secure your network.






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