New Normal in IT

The New Normal

The new normal.  How many times have you heard that recently?  What is the new normal?  Are their changes in IT being implemented as a result of the Covid-19 virus?  What is changing in IT as a result of the demonstrations and riots in our society today?  These are all questions I have been asked recently by friends, customers and business associates.  This seems to be at the top of everyone’s conversations.

Just to be honest, I don’t like the phrase “the new normal”.  Nothing about this is normal. A recent article in Forbes discussed how CTO’s are navigating this new normal. Everything going on today is changing the world of IT.

Most of my recent conversations have focused around three areas:  Security, remote access and disaster recovery.  These three topics have come to the forefront of every conversation I have had lately.  This is nothing new, businesses have been talking about or using these for years.  But they have taken on a new urgency. People are more serious about getting something in place, now.



I am primarily talking about security as it relates to access security and physical security.  Using video analytics, many locations are more serious about tracking people.  A school may want to know who is coming and going using facial recognition.  Another instance is where a store wants the count of how many people occupy a store at any given time. People are more interested in understanding how video analytics can help their business.

There are many use cases for video analytics.  We have had conversations around using technology. Some uses include monitor social distancing and temperature tracking of employees and customers. A recent Harvard study estimates that social distancing restrictions are likely to remain in place long-term. “Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have warned that, in the absence of a vaccine or an effective treatment of the coronavirus, social-distancing measures may be required through to 2022,” reported CNBC.

Another tactic is tracking who is in a school or casino or how many people are currently in a store, restaurant or casino.  There are so many possibilities and way too many to list here.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Many of our customers are using virtual desktop capability to some extent. What has changed is remote desktop projects are getting funded and taking on a sense of urgency. Whether this is moving to a work from home model, remote learning or something else.  Many of our customers have had a project like this on the list. Now it is a top priority.  We are going to see many businesses and schools move to a remote access on a permanent basis.  This means a complete change in how they do business, how they connect, how they work on projects, everything.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery, including Ransomware recovery, has been on the list of every IT department projects.  Some companies are very good at DR and have made it a priority.  Others have it on the list of projects that never seem to get done.

Recently, we spent over a month working with a customer that got hit with Ransomware.  I have heard of larger customers spending many months, even up to a year trying to fully recover.  We spent additional time, working with the customer to put safe guards in place. We did this so if this does happen again, the recovery time is minimal.  This type of scenario is happening more often and needs to be addressed now. Before the unthinkable happens.

Contact Zunesis to for an assessment of the state of your infrastructure. Let us help you with this “new normal” and keep your business moving.


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