Recurring Data Center Advisory Services

The Problem


Most mid-sized IT organizations suffer from inadequate time and resources to keep the business running. Organizations need to address the pressing IT changes required to keep pace with the evolving needs of their customers & competition.  These same mid-sized IT organizations do not get the same love from IT vendors that larger organization receive. Often only seeing support when they are actively in the process of buying new infrastructure.


Add to these factors a very tight IT labor market and this leads to big challenges and disappointed end users. This impacts one of the largest customer segment in the US economy – the mid-market.  When business owners and leaders can’t get what they need from IT, they start looking for other alternatives. This can include Cloud and IT Outsourcing.


An important piece of the Answer


Zunesis has announced a common-sense service (Recurring Data Center Advisory Service – RDCAS) that offers substantial value to our clients who operate an HPE server/storage environment.  For customers operating IT data centers, this service is designed to provide on-going expertise and advice to minimize disruption, down-time, and operational risk.


The sweet spot for this service is mid-market and SMB clients who can benefit from on-going expert engineering support and guidance.  This service is designed for the client who desires guidance and periodic expertise. In addition, the organization still plans to operate and manage their own HPE infrastructure.


The value of this service lies in its focus and consistency.  The RDCAS approach combines a focused Managed Service with consistent high-end engineering engagement.


What is Included?


The service includes an upfront assessment of the client’s HPE environment (inventory, firmware, configuration, and capacity).  From this upfront assessment, Zunesis will make suggestions and provide guidance on any needed upgrades or best practices.


From there, Zunesis will establish recurring quarterly sit-down, in-person meetings with senior Zunesis Engineers and Project Manager to review the following:


  • Service tickets
  • Contract support status
  • Additions / subtractions to the environment
  • Planned migrations / changes, O/S versions
  • Customer advisory history & recommended updates/patches
  • Performance & capacity
  • Suggested list of priorities for remediation / updates.


Throughout the life of the contract, Zunesis will also serve as an advocate for resolving support issues with HPE. We will help to get support tickets escalated.  Zunesis has 15 years working with hundreds of HPE clients. Our understanding of the HPE organization and the right knobs to turn and levers to pull will help our customers get the best support possible.


While the RDCAS is an advisory and consulting service only, Zunesis also offers follow-on hands-on services to implement suggested updates and best practices.  Some clients want a turn-key offering where Zunesis recommends specific firmware upgrades, for example. Then Zunesis engineers would make those changes during a scheduled maintenance window.


The RDCAS is the ultimate preventative maintenance program.  Zunesis recommends adding this service when your maintenance support renewals are due.  This way the people at Zunesis can review and understand the current type of support you have and the current services you are already receiving from HPE.


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