Security – A Top Priority

Security- Top Priority in Today’s World

Security is a hot button in today’s world. Now that the number of remote workers has gone up significantly due to the health crisis, the rise of ransomware attacks has followed closely behind. Remote work environments increase the number of targets for hackers.  Phishing attempts are up more than 600% in the last 6 months, exploiting new vulnerabilities in the workforce.

Multiple devices in multiple locations create new opportunities for cyberattacks. With a remote workforce, the chance for unexpected risks increases dramatically.  One of those reasons being, employees use “work-arounds” and personal devices when accessing or sharing private data and documents.

There are many avenues to take when considering a heightened and more secure environment.  Often, the enterprise infrastructure is not top of mind. Many solutions are available to tighten up an enterprise infrastructure to ensure a more secure environment. These projects are just as imperative when it comes to protecting your company as others.

A number of Zunesis clients have shifted focus from other high priority projects to firewall implementations. This is in an attempt to mitigate the increased security risks.



A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network-traffic. It is based on predetermined security rules. It typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network, such as the Internet.

Depending on the enterprise, a firewall solution can look very different from one company to the next. All entities should be aware of their needs and choose accordingly.

Identifying and deploying a firewall solution specific to the needs of your company is a great place to start.  How else can we tighten up an enterprise infrastructure to aid in the security of company information during these cyber wars?


Zunesis Services – Risk Mitigation

Zunesis has assessments available to aid in the risk mitigation of your organization.

Firewall/Network Assessment

Often times, organizations understand the importance of a firewall, and may have even purchased a firewall solution.  But, organizations frequently fail to configure said solution correctly or are not using it to its full capability. Zunesis has created an assessment to help your organization with your network security firewall needs.

The Zunesis Firewall Assessment will discover the overall utilization of an organization’s current firewall and their adherence to industry’s best standards. Components of change management and administrative access to the firewall(s) will be examined. Additional focus is made to examine the strength of the existing firewall access control lists (ACLs). Recommendations will be made on how to streamline the firewall rules or leverage additional features to make them more secure.


Ransomware Readiness and Recovery Assessment:

There will be an estimated $6 trillion in damages to business by 2021 from ransomware. The advantage of being prepared, is that you can manage problems quickly and more efficiently by already having a solution ready when a problem ensues. The importance of preparation is that it is a time saver – and time is money!

Intelligent Data Protection is a comprehensive approach to data protection and copy data management. It focuses on how an organization protects and uses its data (now and in the future). Is your organization prepared? What is your backup policy? What is your Disaster Recovery plan?

Zunesis has developed an assessment that documents the readiness of an organization to recover data that may have been impacted by a Ransomware attack. Through review and analysis, a Zunesis engineer will provide observations and recommendations to better prepare your organization for future data attacks.


Recurring Data Center Assessment Services:

If limited resources within your company’s IT department is problematic, maintenance details are often the first thing to slip through the cracks. It is important to stay on top of firmware updates, device OS updates and other customer advisories.

Through RDCAS, we ensure that the most current software and firmware updates are installed across your environment. We work closely with your organization to determine the frequency of your infrastructure review.



The review is limited to the following HPE infrastructure devices including: blades and rack mount servers, HPE Storage, HPE Fibre Channel Switches, HPE Synergy Frame and HPE SimpliVity Hyper-converged platform.


What does the future hold for security innovation and advancements?

The future for security in today’s organizations will still remain a high priority. Here are a few predictions from IT experts.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a core component of cybersecurity systems
  2. Cyber warfare threats will be a focus
  3. The number of hackers will rise
  4. Developing cybersecurity talent becomes essential
  5. Legacy technology will continue to be an issue

Zunesis’ commitment is to help moderate problems and issues that arise within the industry. Our goal is to make the lives of our clients better.  With risks and threats to businesses on the rise, Zunesis is dedicated to helping our clients prepare for the worst, plan for the best, and manage the present.





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