Using Video Data to Improve Safety

Most companies are gathering trillions of bytes of data, day after day, at no small cost, and then doing very little with it. Worse still, the data often is not serving its primary function very cost effectively. The “culprit,” so to speak, is video surveillance data, the information captured by the video cameras that are used throughout most modern facilities. But the situation is changing rapidly, thanks to the new landscape of Video AI Analytics Applications.


What is Video Analytics?


Video Analytics can be described as “the emerging technology where computer vision is used to filter and manage real time CCTV video for security and intelligent traffic monitoring.”


Simply put, Video Analytics is an automated approach to managing and analyzing video, without the cost or man-hours previously required. There are many different brands and technology platforms for Video Analytics, but they all work on the same basic principles, using pattern recognition and other Algorithms technology to provide two critical capabilities: Recognize unusual activities as they happen and notify the security system in real-time.




Today’s Video Analytics software offers growing functionality. For example, it can be programmed to look for specifically defined anomalies. It can even be programmed to give special attention to specific elements in a video frame—such as a computer, door, or filing cabinet. Video Analytics software tracks people and objects, and can send alarms when suspicious activities occur. Furthermore, Video Analytics can be integrated with other security and information systems to create new possibilities for using and managing video data.


The first step for most companies is to use Video Analytics to support and enhance guard performance. In this application, Video Analytics software continuously monitors everything that happens in the field of vision of every surveillance camera, every second of every day. When it sees suspicious or unusual patterns and activities, it sends an alert to the security system so guards can look at the monitors, see first-hand what is happening, and take any needed immediate action. It can also trigger other security events, such as coordinating the motion of several cameras to track the movement of a suspect through a facility.  In some programs this is called “guard service.” Guard service should make every guard more effective, so companies find they can improve security and reduce staff at the same time.  Recent studies show that it’s common for guard service applications to generate savings of 75% or more in total guard costs.  


Adding on to that value, Video Analytics can then be linked to card access systems to improve security.  A card being used in an unauthorized or suspicious way can trigger cameras to zero in on the event and record the time and other information in a searchable video log. The real power of Video Analytics may be the fact that it turns analog video into useable data that can be analyzed, searched and managed. This opens endless possibilities for guiding decisions on facility use, energy consumption, personnel safety, and many other issues.  Vitally is the improved response time. You can simply find information and act on it more quickly with Video Analytics, whether the problem is a break-in happening right now, or a building use problem that pops up every day.


Key Features of Video Analytics


  • Value with Video Analytics: Augment staff and improve camera investment ROI by extracting key information from captured video to uncover insights and patterns.
  • Create a Security Model: Customize the “monitor and alert” parameters from live-streaming fixed cameras to help identify perimeter breaches, abandoned objects and more.
  • Find the Buried Pictures: Save time when searching for relevant images. Advanced content-based algorithms for detection improve time and accuracy of cross-correlation and trend analysis.


After collecting and storing petabytes of video data, organizations now want more value out of their investment. Video Analytics provides an answer, helping most companies improve security and lower costs. By starting with applications that deliver rapid ROI, like guard enhancement, companies can implement the technology in a way that pays for itself. The value can then be extended to other security and information systems, leveraging many technology investments to improve security and building management.




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