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In the age of ransomware and digital transformation, your company’s data is even more critical than ever to keep your business running. While avoiding data loss is the main priority of backups, it can often be hard to balance that with the cost of those backups. On top of all that, data is harder to manage and control than ever due to multi-cloud infrastructure and workers more often working remotely.

So how do you deal with all of that and still have a trusted backup in case the worst should happen? You need a single, robust solution for data management that can protect your data through all phases of its lifecycle.

Veeam has been a leading player in the backup space for a while now. It has really stepped up when it comes to addressing new challenges in data protection. It has a host of different products, enterprise to consumer, that make it easy for businesses big and small to tackle the issue. They continue to innovate and keep your data secure while remaining flexible enough to fit into any environment. This year is no different with the release of Veeam version 11.


So what is new in the newest version of Veeam?

Continuous Data Protection, or CDP

It integrates with VMware environments to eliminate downtime and minimize data loss with a host of new features. CDP will eliminate the need for VM snapshots with I/O level tracking, and reduce the bandwidth needed for replication. It works on any OS or application as long as they are running in a vSphere VM. CDP will also schedule your jobs for you, just define the required RPO and CDP will take care of it. Depending on the amount of data, CDP can also offload data processing from your hosts to proxies. It calculates the required bandwidth to eliminate guesswork.


Hardened Repositories

This keeps your backups safe from malware and hackers with immutable backups. Single-use credentials are never stored in the configuration database eliminating any possibility of those credentials being extracted from a compromised backup server.


Expanded Object Storage Support

This feature reduces the cost of long-term archives. Veeam now integrates with Amazon S3 Glacier and Azure blob archive storage which are best for very long-term storage. These repositories can be made immutable, and are policy-based, so no management required.


Expanded Instant Recovery

It makes even more of your workloads instantly available. Instant recovery has been a feature of Veeam for a while, but now it has been expanded to include SQL and Oracle databases. Regardless of size, databases are made available to production applications and clients in minutes. You can then finalize those recoveries either manually, or by scheduling them to switch as soon as synchronization catches up, or even scheduling the switch during maintenance hours.


More Improvements

Veeam has made many more improvements with Version 11, enhancing many aspects of the program. GFS and Archive backups have added functionality. Powershell is now more powerful. Backup speeds have increased. Compliance with WORM backups has been added. As well, the GUI has seen some improvements. All of these features are included with normal licenses, you don’t need to pay extra for any of this stuff.

I am barely even scratching the surface on what is in the new version. I am most excited about the steps Veeam is taking to make their product more resilient against viruses and ransomware. Ransomware attacks have ramped up over the last few years. Keeping good copies of data in case of such an attack has been a struggle. Companies like Veeam have been in an arms race against hackers. Things like immutable backups are a huge leg up in the fight. Maybe someday, we won’t have to worry about that stuff, but for now, at least we have Veeam.

Contact Zunesis to find out more about Veeam V11.


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