What’s in a Name?

When your company name is Zunesis (pronounced – zoo-knee-sis) you can count on being asked two questions on a regular basis; “how do you pronounce that?” and “how did you come up with THAT for a company name?” Truth is, I’ve always welcomed that last question because it gives me an opportunity to talk about our beginning and our journey as a company. In fact, one of our Account Managers suggested we post this as a BLOG because he gets asked these questions so often. So, here goes…


The Journey


The journey began for us in 2004. At that time there were eight of us who represented the Rocky Mountain Region of a worldwide computer and electronic components distributor. We had one Operations person at the time and the rest of us were equally divided between Technical and Sales roles. We all worked well together. Life was good. However, because of changes on the horizon with the distributor organization, our current CEO proposed the idea of starting our own company. Of course, we all shared the normal concerns one could imagine when contemplating leaving a relatively secure environment and taking on the risk of starting your own thing. But, the vote for starting our own company was unanimous.


There are all kinds of tasks associated with establishing a business and, of course, one of those is figuring out what the company name is going to be. To that end, each of us was asked to put some thought into possible names and come back to the team with ideas. I honestly don’t remember what any of the other names were, including the one I suggested. It was our Network Engineer at the time who came back with Zunesis. And, after he explained how he came to this name, we were all on board.


The name is based on a Greek word, “Sunesis”. If you get on your browser and search this word you’ll find a few different definitions. You’ll see definitions like “a running together”, “a flowing together with…”, “knowledge”, “understanding”, you get the idea. The definition we apply to our company name is:


“multiple sources of knowledge and understanding flowing together

to create something greater than the sum of the parts.”


We believe the name Zunesis reflects a spirit of team work and synergy with our clients, our suppliers and employees. So, you may be thinking, “alright, but why the “Z”? Well, at the time, if you Googled Zunesis, we were the only reference that would come back. I just Googled the name while writing this post and we are STILL the only reference that pops up.


Our Logo


logo-zunesisAs an aside, have you ever looked closely at our logo? When you do, you’ll see that it is a Zebra. And, on even closer examination, you’ll notice that one of the stripes is Blue. The Zebra’s single blue stripe demonstrates that the answers to our customer’s IT challenges are not always black and white. We at Zunesis offer more than a product. We are here to teach, facilitate, validate, and guide our clients toward the optimum solution for their business. Zunesis understands that every IT solution is unique, just like our zebra.


So, now you know the meaning behind our name AND, even though you didn’t ask, you have the story behind our logo too.


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