Working Remote – A New Reality

Working Remote

We live in a time (thankfully) where information is at our fingertips. Data can be transmitted and received from almost anywhere. And nearly all personal, and business-related, applications can be accessed remotely. As our world, our workloads, and our needed cache of data, rapidly expands; remote-accessibility has added a huge amount of flexibility.

But what if you had no other choice? The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has shown that this possibility can quickly become a reality. Let me take you on a quick little journey that should assuage any apprehension you may have about “working remote”.

The Past:

Business operates in a central office building or workspace. Employees travel to the office and operate there for the entirety of the workday. Remote work can be done for catch-up, and occasional work-from-home days are allowed. The majority of duties are conducted in the office.

The Present:

More and more companies operate a remote business model. Some businesses need to adapt a work-from-home option due to acts of nature or different unforeseen factors. While others have dissolved their office space entirely and now strictly have employees work in a remote fashion.

The Future:

Now here comes the tricky part. Where do we go from here? At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many places of business had to unexpectedly move their employees to remote functions without the means to do so. Being a technology company, Zunesis is still seeing this daily. It is an ongoing process but thankfully there are a lot of tools and services out there to help (more on that in a minute).

Some organizations may see the value and cost-reduction of moving day-to-day functions out of office buildings and into people’s homes.

What else is in store when the world begins to stabilize?
When are we all allowed to go “back to normal”?
Or is working from home “the new normal”?

The truth is…we don’t know.

Aruba_CentralBut either way, here’s a few things we DO know:

  1. Aruba Networks is working tirelessly to assist both corporate facilities and their newly delegated remote employees with deploying one unified network for company access.
    a) With Aruba Central (Aruba’s Cloud-based management platform) a newly designed cloud gateway feature now allows organizations the ability to make their mission-critical applications remotely accessible to employees working from home or offsite locations.
  2. Aruba has also put measures in place to help extend network coverage from data centers out to remote sites or emergency pop-up locations. This is done by using a wireless mesh solution and outdoor access points.

Zunesis has made the implementation and deployment of these solutions (and others) much easier for our customers. We are partnering with Aruba solutions architects and ensuring our in-house networking engineers are readily available.

For more information on Aruba’s strategy or Zunesis’ remote access solutions please visit the links below.

Aruba Business Continuity

Zunesis Remote Access Solutions

In the meantime…live long and prosper, my friends. We are all in this together!



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