Solution Services Wins and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement!

Hello 2020! Time for Improvement


2020 is here. I don’t know whether to cry or celebrate because the older I get, it appears the years go by faster and faster.


2019 was a complete blur.  If that’s an indicator for 2020, it certainly will feel like the endless ‘dirt nap’ is somewhere on the horizon. Life is short, and we must embrace it as it happens. We need to continuously try to improve our quality of life.



Customer First


Customer First ZunesisI try to take that philosophy and apply it to our IT Solutions’ Team. We implement a Customer FIRST mentality which is:



F: Flexible

I: Invested

R: Responsive

S: Strategic

T: Trusted


Zunesis’ Wins


While those are all very respectable words, I wanted to highlight some of our wins towards a Customer FIRST approach:


Daily summaries on work completed for a client – When we work with our clients, we want to assure them we are in the process or have completed the work we have done for them. At the end of the day, we will provide a complete write-up of the work performed on that day. This allows our clients to trust in our capabilities and be current where the project stands.

Constant communication with client – Similar to the above, sometimes it’s important to gently ‘nudge’ the client.  We may need an important piece of information from them for us to complete our milestone(s) or the overall objective. It also shows we’re organized and invested in exceeding client expectations.

Quick turnaround when clients send an email – Being responsive goes a long way. This is especially true if there’s an escalation. Problem resolution for an Infrastructure is extremely important. It can either save an organization or if not responded to in a timely manner, can cost an organization thousands to even millions of dollars.

Dedication to Detail – Do it right the first time. Budget the work accordingly (based on what has been learned with similar historical projects). Spell it out on a Kickoff Call with the client. Assign & schedule the correct resources. Document (and document some more for reference purposes). Continuously keep the client updated. This type of process will reduce the amount of rework, recognize scope and scope ‘creep’. It allows for additional opportunities with a client based on our reputation for being so thorough.

Internal brainstorming – Sometimes it’s possible to get stumped on one or more of the project’s process, attributes, resources, etc. Therefore, it’s so important that an engineering team meeting occurs. A uniformed type of cadence will be developed to discuss project status and introduce opportunities for solutions. We use these internal brainstorming sessions to think outside the box. There’s more than one way to par/birdie a hole on the golf course!




Now, some areas of opportunities for continuous wins:

Continue to implement our approach listed above – Each action item becomes more and more efficient and beneficial to the client as the practices above increase with repetition.

Keep internal stakeholders current – Your Project Manager can be the glue to the entire project. This is usually done without a hitch. It can be embarrassing to contact the client about an issue that’s already been resolved because the necessary stakeholders weren’t on all the applicable correspondences.

Identify areas of opportunity for your client to succeed – While knee-deep in a client’s infrastructure, there’s a distinct possibility our engineers may uncover a proverbial ticking time bomb. This could delay production or operations for your client far sooner than that Storage upgrade.

Infrastructure Assessments – This is almost in tangent with client success. Equipment may be running out of support from the manufacturer.  This is why it’s so important for an organization to have a firm grip on their overall environment. This is just one example of a continued trusted partnership with a client.

Life is short. Implementing these type attributes and actions will allow your organization to spend less time in a datacenter. It will allow you to spend more time with the people and activities you enjoy the most.


Zunesis Solution Services Team


Hoosiers TeamAs Gene Hackman says in Hoosiers, “This is your Team!”

James Hughes – Vice President of Engineering and Services / Engineer

Michael Gosselin – Chief Technology Officer / Engineer

Garrett Law – Networking / Engineer

Adam Gosselin – Network Administrator / Engineer

Joe Tressler – Microsoft / Engineer

James Burke – Networking, Compute / Engineer

Pete Knoblock – Project Management


Contact Zunesis to see how we can help improve your organization’s IT Solutions for 2020.


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