The Benefits and Challenges of Mobility

By Zunesis / May 22, 2015 /

I talked about the critical importance of turning the 70/30 rule on its head in my last post, that the winners in your competitive set are the ones who are able to spend less time, money, and human resources maintaining their current IT environment and more of their resources using IT to create a competitive […]



By Zunesis / May 19, 2015 /

In my last post I wrote about the importance of understanding your current environment before setting out on a search for new data storage solutions. Understanding your Usable Capacity requirements, Data Characteristics, and Workload Profiles is essential when evaluating the many storage options available. Once you have assessed and documented your requirements, you should spend […]


Emerging Technology Trends

By Zunesis / May 7, 2015 /

Strategic technology trends are defined as having potentially significant impact on organizations in the next three years. Here is a summary of a few trends according to Forbes; Gartner, Inc.; Computerworld; and other technology visionaries:   Wearable Devices – Uses of wearable technology are influencing the fields of health and medicine, fitness, aging, education, gaming, […]


Do You Have Gremlins in Your Active Directory?

By Zunesis / May 1, 2015 /

Anyone who has ever worked with Microsoft’s Active Directory, either as an end user or administrator, has undoubtedly come across strangeness and unexplained occurrences.  Active Directory serves many purposes: identity management, resource policy deployment, and user security management to name a few.  Active Directory handles its extremely complex inter-workings in a very robust and flexible way.  […]


Exceptional Marketing Driven by Human Insight

By Zunesis / April 24, 2015 /

The ability to form closer customer relationships, stay at the forefront of market trends, and create competitive differentiation comes at a critical time for marketing organizations across all industries. In today’s competitive world, there are too many companies competing in an environment where there are not enough customers. This is especially true for high-tech and […]


My Journey to the “Vendor Side”

By Joe Tressler / April 17, 2015 /

This is a blog about a journey: a journey from being the customer of an IT Solutions Provider to servicing the customer. A journey about taking my perceived thoughts and ideas about the way I should have been treated as a customer and turning them into an action plan or template for the way I […]


No-Cost 1TB Software Defined Storage with Every HP ProLiant

By Tom Savage / March 26, 2015 /

The vendor world is not particularly gifted at letting the rest of the world know when they have specials taking place. Today I would like to rectify that situation and focus on a fantastic deal that HPE has for their ProLiant servers, an additional value-add included with each Intel Xeon server purchased. HPE, for no […]


Being Strategic with your Clients Requires Investment

By Zunesis / March 23, 2015 /

In my last blog, we explored the Customer Service Pillar of being Responsive in the context of what customers are expecting from the IT Solution providers today.  As a reminder, I am writing from a customer service roadmap called CustomerFIRST where the word FIRST is an acrostic. This week I am addressing the 4th Pillar […]


3 Things to Know About VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

By Zunesis / March 16, 2015 /

As Information Technology (IT) professionals, we develop tunnel vision from time to time. Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is an area that tends to be a focal point of the aforementioned tunnel vision. IT professionals show a propensity to zero in on technology DR planning, working diligently to ensure primary data center services are recoverable and […]


Understanding Your Storage

By Zunesis / March 12, 2015 /

Preparing to Replace Your Data Storage Array If you’ve been using your data storage array for more than three years, you may be considering a replacement. Perhaps you just received a support renewal notification; or, if you’ve had this array for five years or more, the manufacturer may be announcing its End of Life (EOL). […]

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