Every Customer Is Different

By Zunesis / February 16, 2015 /

Why Flexibility Builds Credibility with Your Clients In my previous blog on the topic of Customer Service in 2015, we explored the five pillars of serving customers today: Flexible Invested Responsive Strategic Trusted This week, we will tackle the pillar of customer service: Flexibility. Webster defined “flexibility” as, “the quality of being adaptable or variable.”  […]


What Are You Doing to Maintain a Healthy IT Infrastructure?

By Zunesis / February 12, 2015 /

Every New Year we make individual goals and resolutions to improve ourselves and our overall well-being. We understand the importance of taking care of our bodies both mentally and physically, but do we take the time to do a wellness check on the thousands of dollars we spend on our IT infrastructure? How important is […]


Top 5 Customer Service Tips for Leaders in 2015

By Zunesis / February 6, 2015 /

Does Customer Service still matter?   Do any of us really believe that customer service still matters?  Most business leaders would immediately say, “Sure it does,” because we take great pride in the customer experience we provide.  As business owners and CEO’s, we carry the torch of serving our customers proudly and without reservation.  However, […]


Social Media Battle Royale: The Seahawks vs. The Broncos

By Zunesis / January 29, 2014 /

  It’s been a great season of football, and as we head into Superbowl 48, our zInsights team was wondering who would be victorious between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks in an online social media matchup. Between Richard Sherman’s controversial post-game interview and Peyton Manning’s sound victory over Tom Brady, there was a lot to look […]


Latest Social Media Statistics (Infographic)

By Zunesis / January 8, 2014 /

One of the most unfathomable things about the internet is how much data is being created, sent, and stored every moment. On Youtube alone, more content is created in two months than was created by the three largest U.S. television networks in sixty years.  And every month, users spend a whopping 2.9 billion hours (or […]


Case Study: CSU Global Partners with Zunesis for Managed Data Backup

By Zunesis / February 25, 2013 /

    Mike Prudhomme, VP of Technology at Colorado State University – Global Campus, describes the Managed Data Backup project completed with Zunesis in January 2013.  

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