Prioritizing Data Planning

Addressing data-related challenges has been a predominant concern that will continue for the foreseeable future.  As budgets are redrawn for next year, investing in your data is a wise choice.


Data Trends in 2020

  1. The business value of data continues to rise – Every business transformation today—be it greater customer intimacy, more optimized operations, faster innovation, and more—is fueled by data.
  2. Persistent demand for self-service data is unwavering– Enabled by easier-to-use, more powerful analytic tools, business users now demand access to all data, everywhere, at any and all times.
  3. Time-to-solution expectations for new data-driven solutions are even faster– With better data-driven solutions often the competitive battlefield, victory goes to the swift.
  4. Data’s relentless growth accelerates – Captured from the Internet, IoT devices, consumers, vendors, data service providers, and more, these sources combine with increasingly low-cost storage to double the supply of data every 2.5 years.
  5. Data distribution further widens– Beyond the computer room, data increasingly spans diverse silos on desktops, mobile devices, machines, in the cloud, at third parties, and more.
  6. Real-time data’s importance soars– Real-time responses to events is increasingly the key to success when engaging with customers and optimizing operations.
  7. Data quality remains elusive– Diverse and evolving data definitions, syntax, structures, sources, and uses conspire to limit data efficacy.
  8. New data related regulations will surely arise– Consuming a greater share of data-related spending, compliance with new regulations is not optional as governments respond to citizens’ privacy, security, bias, and other data-related threats.
  9. Data management becomes even more complex– Effective, efficient delivery of data’s value while addressing data’s myriad challenges stresses every organization’s data management strategy, infrastructure, and organization.
  10. The data management skills shortage persists –From DBA to data engineer to developer, data management domain knowledge requirements are expanding faster than the complexity itself.

Developing a data management plan with a focus on the projection of expected future storage needs for data, specifications on data sources, data collection and storage, and data security should be at the forefront of the IT Planning list for 2021 for all IT organizations.


How Can Zunesis Help With Your Data Planning

Zunesis can schedule a data management plan “kick-off” with your organization. It is an assessment and inventory of the current state of your environment. The Zunesis Data Management Assessment Service can be used to focus separately on Production Data, Archive Data, Backup/Recovery, or it can encompass all three. The goal of the Data Management Assessment service is to help our customers develop their data management plan. We, then help implement processes that will accommodate data growth and provide data availability, security, and protection of business-critical information.


Zunesis Data Management Assessment Deliverables:

·         Storage Architecture Diagram

·         Observations about current data management practices

·         Recommendations for improving data management practices

·         Documentation of short-term and long-term goals and objectives


Zunesis Data Management Assessment Benefits:

·         Document current data management practices

·         Document strategies for aligning data management to the goals of the business

·         Develop processes for protecting data based on business needs

·         Document short-term and long-term objectives


Contact Zunesis today to create a data management strategy that fits your individual needs



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