Let Us Give Thanks


“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving.”
William Arthur Ward


Things to Be Grateful for This Year

Maybe Thanksgiving isn’t on your radar yet. Or maybe you skipped right over it and are already draping your dog in tinsel. (No judgment here; it’s been a weird year, and we could all use the holiday cheer.) But you’ve got just over a week to plan the perfect Thanksgiving meal. You need to figure out how a table of buttery biscuits and creamy casseroles and socially distanced house guests are going to work.

The stress of the season is upon us just as we have just packed the anxiety away. You’d think we’d be used to the holiday shuffle by now as this happens year after year.  The circus juggling act that includes holiday planning, work, kids, and making it look somewhat effortless. Imagine if your job was that of a Systems Administrator on top of everything else life demands of us!


System Admins – Kudos!

I wanted to give thanks to all our dedicated Sys Admins of the IT industry. A system administrator’s job is to ensure computer systems are in good working condition. The job includes software and hardware installations, data recovery, troubleshooting, and software and hardware maintenance.

For example, a hospital has its own software that produces data daily to run their operations. A system administrator is responsible for its installation and maintenance. He or she also ensures that the software is correctly configured. So, a system admin typically deals with the computing resources in the infrastructure, hardware inventories, software license, and capacity planning. WOW, and they probably already have their holiday shopping done!

If you are a small business and blessed to have a systems admin on your team, thank them for keeping the daily operations flowing. If your sysadmin needs some time off, an extra hand on a special project or the business is growing, and the thought of hiring another admin is on your mind, check out what we here at Zunesis can do to offer additional support for them.


Zunesis IT Assessment Services 

Zunesis helps provides your organization with the information you need to understand your environment, make informed decisions, and set strategies through our assessment services.

They include the following: 

Data Management Assessment Can be used to focus separately on Production Data, Archive Data, Backup/Recovery, or it can encompass all three.

Recurring Data Center Advisory ServicesRDCAS is designed to help clients maintain their HPE infrastructure.

VMware AssessmentOperational Analysis can provide you with the information needed to improve your virtual environment or fast track your IT project.

Wireless Site SurveyWhether you are looking to upgrade your wireless network or validate a recent installation, a professional site survey will give your engineers the data they need to minimize the support calls.

Ransomware Recovery Preparedness Assessment This IT Risk Assessment, a Zunesis engineer will review and analyze your site to provide observations and recommendations to better prepare your organization for future data attacks.

Firewall Assessment We will discover the overall utilization of an organization’s current firewall and their adherence to industry’s best standards through a Network Vulnerability Assessment.


When gratitude is elusive and anxiety and stress are taking center stage, I offer more wisdom by one my favorite writers and inspirational maxims.

“Before you act, listen.

Before you react, think.

Before you spend, earn.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.”

William Arthur Ward


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